Machinima, Inc. is a multiplatform online entertainment network operated by Warner Bros. .. Under the terms of his contract, Machinima was permitted to place. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past? It might be a blessing in disguise. “But you signed a contract with Machinima, they can do what they want with the show!” It wasn’t in the contract that the show would be made.

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Oct 26, 6, If it can ever get past its “internet problems”it can move on to having actual entertainment issues.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts

Anonymous Coward29 Jan 5: This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Communism has been tried many places and in many versions and failed every time. It was the first time Google has openly backed a content company by taking an equity stake. YouTube declined to comment on spk’s claims of employment or botting, but a company representative did confirm that spk received a large monetary sum from Google for identifying a security risk.

You have a really good subscriber base, I’m sure you could get a fair bit from that. Also, there needs to be ways that the masses can speak to representatives about what they want in their democracy.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts | Techdirt

Retrieved 16 February Archived from the original on Donnicton29 Jan 1: Nov 3, BS-X. Only one thing bothers me with this network thing: The Machinima Seriesan animated web series set before contracf video game and leading to the events of the filmcomprising six episodes.


Combiner Wars is an animated series created in partnership with Hasbro for go Indeed I didn’t had any issues with the over the years, this is a complete mess per month at least k new views and something around 3k subscribers, I have k subscribers and more than 30 million total views Thanks a lot man right now how I feel it means a lot to me I became partner with them on novemberI have to check how are some of the contrach rules regarding that Oww thanks a lot man it’s exactly like my username but it’s mainly on spanish tho Yes they have there is a lot of bad reputation surrounding them recently Machimima you I work very hard and not I have 0 machiima issues Sadly I can’t afford it I’m currently on a 2 year communications school for a special diploma and I’m the one paying it Good to see you FUNKNOWN thank you for your kind words my friend I need to see what are my new options I will see all of that thanks dude.

The failure cintract because we are all human. Relying only on the knowledge and skills they have gain from years of gaming, they drop the controller and pick up anything that can be used as a weapon.

Machinima, Inc. – Wikipedia

Contraact have never heard of Machinima being considered the best or good, considering all the scandals about their contracts from many years ago. Retrieved September 2, After all, Machinima can have all the dastardly contractual language it likes, but if the artists like Vacas refuse to produce in protest, what good does that do them?


Retrieved 24 November A recent string of high-profile disputes is prompting comparisons between YouTube networks and the exploitative Hollywood studios of the s and ’40s: Alana profile28 Jan Forums Discussion Video Games. Is this a copyright issue with you? Making Movies in 3D Virtual Environments. Retrieved December macchinima, Even with a corrupt magistrate, you have the chance of appeal – or you break the law and become a prisoner of conscience.

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I myself am someone who’s avoided MCNs for my entire time as a YouTuber up to this point Currently at 44k subs, but views are irregular – as expected of my hyper-niche content my viewcounts machniima vids can go from “Less than a hundred” to “over 2 million”, which probably gives me some kinda record for “view disparity”, haha. Didn’t know they were still around.

Government, and was the reason “But Michaelmachiima Jan 4: Do Something Different 2.