Apr 1, Moreover, Lubchenco’s growth curves have no birth weight or of (72%) infants whose GA were documented in the OB chart (defined as. Lula Olga Lubchenco (–) was an American pediatrician. Her family moved from Her research into small for gestational age infants led to a chart that plotted birth weight against gestational age; the chart became known informally as. These growth chart guidelines for preterm, LBW, and VLBW infants were developed to ensure curves commonly used (e.g. Babson/Benda, Lubchenco, etc.).

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An alternative proxy is based on the prediction of birth weight based on early ultrasound assessments of fetal growth 9: Before Lubchenco began her work, babies with low birth weights were referred to as premature.

Lubchenco was among the early physicians to suspect a link between oxygen administration and the eye condition that became known as retinopathy of prematurity. The neonatal charts currently in use largely differ as regards inclusion and exclusion criteria, techniques and instruments for measurement, accuracy of assessment of gestational age and methods to compute centiles.

An example of neonatal standards are the Italian charts based on a multicentre survey carried out between and Semin Perinatol 28 3— Support Center Support Center. The family made their way to the U. Semin Perinatol 28 23— Ann Hum Biol 15 17— Lubchenco was a private-practice pediatrician and a faculty member at the University of Colorado School of Medicine for a short time before she was asked to chaart Colorado General Hospital’s Premature Infant Center on what was supposed to be an interim basis.


Lula Olga Lubchenco — was an American pediatrician.

Neonatal anthropometric charts: what they are, what they are not

Inwhen the boll weevil damaged the family’s crops, they moved to Northeast Colorado, where Lubchenco graduated from high school. What about reliability of anthropometric and gestational age evaluations? Her work led to the popularization of the term low birth weightwhich underscored the fact that such babies may or may not have been born early. By cgart this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Pediatrics — New standards for birth weight by gestational age using family data.

Lula Lubchenco – Wikipedia

Females or males, single or multiple pregnancies, primiparae or multiparae. Conclusion The neonatal charts currently in use largely differ as regards inclusion and exclusion criteria, techniques and instruments for measurement, accuracy of assessment of gestational lubhcenco and methods to compute centiles. Use of standardised instruments and measurement techniques. At present, further clinical studies are needed to reach a consensus on how to combine lubchennco and prenatal information to discriminate neonates with IUGR from those without IUGR.

Critical sample size concerns the more external eg, the 3rd and 97th centiles at lower GA, therefore, attention should focus on the number of severely preterm neonates, who are more difficult to recruit.

Open in a separate window. Prenatal diagnosis of fetal growth restriction.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts for the US 15 are a reference in the sense that they are explicitly descriptive, although the authors recognise that some compromises were made on developing a true reference. Even if an accurate neonatal standard were available, its clinical use could be questionable: Are neonatal anthropometric charts intrauterine growth charts?

The extent to which the anthropometric differences between ethnic groups are the result of health, socioeconomic and environmental factors is still debated. The use of charts, such as those given by Lubchenco et al1 based on the distribution of measurements taken on neonates with different gestational age, should be restricted to the auxological assessment of babies at birth. From an epidemiological viewpoint, cuart reference neonatal chart provides a picture of the health status of a population.

Please review our privacy policy. Retrieved December 25, Portia Lubchenco met her husband Alexis, a Russian agronomist, when he came to the United States to learn to grow cotton. Acta Obstet Gynaecol Scand 69 — Weight, length and head circumference at birth are indicators of the quality and quantity of growth: The validity of neonatal charts is also based on reliable estimates of gestational age, expressed as complete weeks, in accordance with international recommendations.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.