Allí, ve como Tánger Soto (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) compra una carta esférica muy antigua, dibujada Arturo Pérez-Reverte (novel), Imanol Uribe (adaptation). La Carta Esferica (the Nautical Chart). Arturo Perez-Reverte, Author Alfaguara $ (0p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author. La Carta Esferica Arturo Perez (ME LO MANDO WII). Uploaded by. lizbeth Camarena! “! ” # ” $ $ $ $% % ” $ & ” ‘(# ” # $ #! ” ” $ ” &) “! *!!)! #! #!.

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A man without a ship, without prospects, without luck. In additionthemes of betrayal and double cross the movie is about.

Romantic in a scotch, straight way. It was like academic writing, where it was assumed the reader was already knowledgeable in the basics.

But only by her agenda. The amount of research the author must have done rreverte be massive and the book is all the better for it.

Our protagonist is somewhat subdued, acrta inclined to watch the world than participate in it, due to past trauma. Whether they actually find the sunken ship full of emeralds in the end is actually irrelevant.

What happens when these two meet?

The Nautical Chart () – IMDb

And when she showed some vulnerability, reaching out to him, Coy “has never before felt like he was raped by a woman”. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I read this so long ago, I would have to read it again to recall the subtle details that I liked specifically, but I do generally remember that Reverte’s deft atmospheric touch was there, his ability to make the gothic seem every day, his way of making his character seem to step out of 19th century dreams without being overly campy about it, his ability to draw a well done character study into an adventure story.

I began to be greatly relieved whenever the specific discussions of longitude, latitude, knots, ships, etcetera ended and returned to story narration. Perez-Reverte seemed to have higher literary ambitions than usual in this book, and it seemed to result in a slower-paced, more realistic d I can understand why many regular readers of Perez-Reverte did not enjoy this novel as much as some of his others.


The virtues in question include an admirable integration of jazz into the narrative, a deft connecting of back story with the main narrative, and the skillful use of the omniscient narrator, a self-proclaimed Conradian Marlowe, who knows and sees all. Yes No Report this. Miguel, a young psychiatrist working in Madrid, learns that his wife has just dumped him for no one else than his own father while he’s expecting his mother-in-law’s visit, who’s come to Exciting thriller including noisy actionthrillstwiststurnsan intense love storyoffbeat characters and moving as well as emotive musical score.

That was confirmed inwhen was published the first book of his Captain Alatriste saga, which has been his trademark.

La Carta Esferica (the Nautical Chart )

The Little House Legs, eyes, hair, breasts. Artkro problem here was the plot. He’s capable of much better, and I wouldn’t want anyone to walk away thinking that this is his best. I don’t want to say anything more about the book as it needs to be discovered for one’s self. Edit Cast Credited cast: A mysterious and dark adventure, a stolen nautical chart and death at sea. It is interesting to get a view of English seafarers past and present from the Spanish side. He is going stir-crazy and wanders aimlessly through the streets, a sailor with no ship.

It’s very slow, compared to similar stories. They talk about the sea. No time for more than a brief note, alas. Artruo moved along for these last thirty or so pages at a satisfying pace, with substantial suspense, and concluded with an ending that I really appreciated.

Margaret Sayers Peden Translator. This is my third from Perez-Reverte, and the other two were significantly better. One day he receives a call from the artufo wife of one of his best clients.

A woman is looking for a shipwreck. Mouth to Mouth Ponderously top-heavy with marine references and repetitive, exhaustive character development, the plot flails like a fish out of water before bogging down in pretentious ambition. In esgerica, it would have been completely predictable by synopsis alone. This longish text demands that you immerse yourself in it, that you invest in time in it; it’s not really amenable to being read in ten-minute chunks grabbed eserica and there as other activities permit.


But after pages, I had to put it down and move onto some more exciting books.

Even when you know it’s wrong, even when you know it can only end in disaster, even when you know someone’s got to die, even when you know it might be you. In the end, what I finished with is an overly-long story of esfericz interesting characters caught in a situation that would have been much more absorbing if I could have spent more time in that situation than in all the situations that came edferica.

But it was not long before the academic discussions began again in perfz. May 15, Carl R. He becomes knowingly have sex with her, which leads to him knowingly being foolish enough to be willing to follow her to the atruro of the earth, simply for the possibility of spending more time with her.

Full Cast and Crew. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other characters are a couple treasure hunters trying to stop the two of them a subplot of violencescholars and professors in cartography and nautical studies, and El Piloto, the captain of the Sailboat they take. View all 14 comments.

Le dice que estaba ilusionada por buscar el Day Gloria, un barco hundido arguro siglo 16, y quiere usar la carta de Urrutia para calcular la zona del hundimiento. Mar 05, Sara rated it liked it. Even then, they are not explain to the reader are very well.