In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably. In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably most. Oct 13, Interesting essay about James Bamford and his efforts to publish The Puzzle Palace over the NSA’s objections. Required reading for those who.

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Jul 10, Jeff Hedberg rated it really liked it. As my parents would’ve said to me and maybe did at some pointif you bamvord nothing to worry about, why hide?

The Puzzle Palace was published inso whether that remains the case today is something I honestly don’t know. The NSA’s historical account states that documents removed from the Marshall Library were “sequestered portions of the Friedman collection,” i. The author has sprinkled remarks of his own or perhaps others’, too ; seemingly sarcastic and saying “can you believe what they had done?

Its purview is basically anything other than human intelligence HUMINT, in the government acronymmeaning it doesn’t put people in the field to find out things; instead, it gathers information through other means. I am glad I turned down their offer when I was finishing school. Retrieved 11 May Dec 22, Tom Nixon rated it it was ok.

The highly secret organization was founded on April 24, in response to events during the First World War. This book is sometimes surprising, often boring, and extremely quaint.

The Puzzle Palace by James Bamford | : Books

Body of Secrets is a lot better and a lot more current to boot! However, the Court believes that this factor alone should not be used as a means to accomplish by the back door what bamfrod Court would iames permit by the front door — invalidation of NSA’s classification determination and disclosure of the information in question.


The author can’t seem to make up his mind whether he wants to talk about the structure of the organization or specific events.

Mar 13, Dan Cohen rated it liked it Shelves: And, of course, plenty of “windowless rooms. This is also beneficial because the nations do not have to overlap on obtaining information and can combine their individual resources to the utmost advantage.

If nothing else, it answered a lot of questions about the agency – in God we trust; all others we monitor Good luck keeping up with the acronyms.

The released papers were later to become the subject of threatened litigation, and their release prompted eventual rule changes that allowed for document reclassification. Bamford gives some background on intelligence gathering, reporting for instance that, when a certain form of snooping was proposed to Secretary of War Henry Stimson earlier in the 20th century, he answered by declaring that gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.

The Court’s decision is not altered in this instance by NSA’s apparent failure to comply strictly with the classification scheme authorized in Executive Order No. Freedom of Information and the Right to Know: I will read Bamford’s other books at some point and I’d recommend this one for anyone wanting to learn about the history of the NSA.

This was a provocative, informative, and valuable book when I read it, which I believe was during the late s, an In the beginning, the NSA did not exist: The whole Afterword feels like a reader’s digest attempt to write a version of Puzzle Palace about the GCHQ- something that Bamford should just go ahead and do if it’s that interesting. Global communications th been monitored throughout the history of the world as civilizations try to gain information from neighboring peoples te share it in turn with other people they encounter.

The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America’s Most Secret Agency – James Bamford – Google Books

In later years, the United States and Russia even competed for the satellite revolution, the latest resource in espionage. For example, the United States is one jzmes the leading nations trying to use the technology they have to gather information on other countries; this in turn provides a profile on that country.


Charlie Rose Show — via YouTube. Jun 30, Cody rated it liked it. Truman established the agency with unprecedented levels of secrecy around it and bamfrod even give it a formal charter to operate under. Bamford’s research are remarkable. But surely it matters, at least in a practical way.

Ultimately, on the appeal, U. This also helped to establish good foreign relations with other countries and contributed to the spread of information and technology.

The Puzzle Palace

Does that make sense? Retrieved from ” https: Bottom line is people would much rather have a controversial story than a real story of a the most interesting organization in government. Don’t get me wrong: Oh, remember before Russia hacked our election in multiple different ways and NSA officials and ex-officials testified before Congress on television several times?

Barrett Dylan Brown, Phd rated it it was ok Shelves: Something I did not know before is that no US President pxlace to repeal Truman’s national emergency until September ; so in April the NSA could attempt to suppress a Seattle inventor’s cryptographic telephone on the grounds of a national emergency.

Classification may not be restored to documents already declassified and released to the public under this Order or prior Orders. Previously, Executive Orderissued by Jimmy Carter inhad prohibited document reclassification.