Philips IntelliSpace Portal has been named Category Leader in the Advanced Visualization category in the Best in KLAS: Software. The Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization solution designed to simplify the way radiologists work, think and care for patients by delivering on. Designed to optimize your workflow, IntelliSpace Portal Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization platform that offers a.

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Clinical capabilities – Bring brilliant focus to your screen IntelliSpace Portal empowers you to work with new scope that supports clinical excellence. Leverage the anatomical, functional, spatial, and temporal dimensions provided by CT, MR, MI, and US on a single platform – and with multi-vendor visualization. Infinitt North America highlighted a range of healthcare information technology IT products and applications at the Simplify tumor tracking with enhancements to our flagship oncology application.

KBA1 Work with multiple patient datasets, but one unifying vision Improved prefetch rules and streamlined PACS integration help you launch cases quickly, and support streamlined integration with the Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular suite. Access,review,analyze,diagnose, and present images quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively with the latest technology with a single advanced visualization and analysis solution from Philips.

News Medical 3-D Printing December 11, Automatically segment both the left and right lungs to determine total lung volume ccdiseased lung volume cc and percentage of affected lung. They include remote monitoring so that Philips can continually assure system health and performance, and offer real-time support when needed.

Minor Outlying Islands U. Diagnose within multiple clinical domains, with one standard for diagnosis.


IntelliSpace Portal | Radiology and cardiology diagnostic imaging solution

Preferred method of contact. Perform functional analysis of ventricles and analyze chamber and valve morphology in 3D and using dynamic cine mode. In addition, the application includes methods to visualize regions with higher ijtellispace supply. I agree on cross-border transfer of personal information.

Storage ControllersStorage Solutions. Radiography Discover the Philips Healthcare products. You can also segment lesions and quantify anatomic and metabolic state over time. Streamline your clinical workflow IntelliSpace Portal 9. Machine learning helps predict your usage patterns to help speed time to analysis.

The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. IntelliSpace Portal delivers a deep, comprehensive clinical knowledge for complex cases, with advanced visualization and a true multi-modality approach. Obtain images of arteries in various parts of the body using highly effective tools to perform standard and run subtractions, pixel shifting, and landmarking.

Using Comparative Brain Imaging CoBI functionality, you can even track subtle changes in the brain by subtracting scans taken at different time points.

Colleagues will see the same application screen, the same image and have access to the same annotation tools for true collaborative consultation. Neuro applications for longitudinal patient 1 assessment facilitate rapid, objective, and quantitative image interpretation, even for subtle changes. Learn more about Philips MRI technologies. This application also provides post-processing tools to edit and optimize the DSA XA data created in the interventional room.

Since advanced treatment response criteria support is part of the preset and reflected in a workflow, you can easily review information in different layouts. Discover how Philips interventional X-ray systems and solutions enable you to provide excellent care. Map thresholds are now configurable. And with newly added DSA processing for XA images, you can use highly effective post-processing tools like pixel shifting and landmarking outside the interventional room.


Visualization and quantitative analysis of the diffusion-perfusion mismatch in case of acute stroke is also included. The application enables absolute and relative volume intellispave as well as virtual hepatectomy for RF ablation and surgery planning.

Zip or Postal Code. Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. Manage pulmonary patients with just one reading. IntelliSpace Portal supports the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of critical patient data throughout the continuum.

Philips IntelliSpace Portal

The package includes user-selected color coding of the functional data, and maps can be viewed and stored as overlays on anatomical reference images. Digital Radiography Technology Report: Based on Philips’ Extended Brilliance WorkSpace, IntelliSpace Portal employs an easy-to-experience user interface that allows access to a poftal variety of applications designed to support quick and quantitative diagnosis.

Make sure your advanced visualization keeps pace — with IntelliSpace Portal 9. Hospital networks keep growing. Press releases Get our press releases by e-mail.

Philips IntelliSpace Portal KLAS Category Leader – News | Philips

A intellispae suite of tools helps you visualize the lungs, review results, and report any PE findings. Temporal and spatial smoothing of the input data can be performed to improve SNR. Moreover the application allows you to compare the extracted vessels using various spectral results.

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