working to HVCA TR19 standards. “Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is a huge fire risk with mounting evidence that insurance companies are . Capitla Cleaning provide unrivalled service within this field. DW/TM2 () and TR17 ( and ). Heating and. Ventilating. Contractors’. Association. HVCA. Internal. Cleanliness of Ventilation. Systems. TR /

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Firstly, the various appliances need to be dismantled so that their components can be assembled for immersion in a “diptank”.

Services distribution units, otherwise known as SDU’s are a means of distributing electrical and mechanical services in a covered sealed void from the point vhca entry in to the kitchen space, to the range of cooking equipment. On completion of the survey Duct Cleaning Ireland will provide the results which will have established the level measurement of grease.

Specialist Cleaning Services We provide specialist cleaning service to: If service distribution units are fitted out ‘Knock off’ buttons should be positioned, at both ends, in an accessible hfca near the exit from the catering areas including the risers.

Natural ventilation which relies on wind pressure and temperature differences to hr19 fresh air through a building and is usually not fully controllable.

It is essential to use qualified and experienced kitchen-ductwork cleaners. To conclude, in the absence of proper standardisation, you are best advised to find a cleaning company with a good track record who is a member of a reputable trade organisation such as the HVCA, and who will give a written certificate to confirm that the work they have undertaken follows the most appropriate standards and guidelines.

When do I need to Clean my Ventilation System?

Ltd registered in England and Wales no: From an installation point of view SDU’s are ideal because they can minimise co- ordination problems on site, especially if the services are integrally fitted in the factory prior to delivery. Why have a Services Distribution Unit? Prior to cleaning the kitchen itself, all electrical items are isolated and exposed switches covered with a waterproof tape of polythene cover.


The TR/19 Best Practice Standard from B&ES

Regular, programmed system cleaning is essential to minimise the risk of fire outbreaks and bacterial growth, which could pose a serious threat to your kitchen environment. For riser compartments containing gas services, ventilation grilles should be installed both at high and low level in order to prevent any potential gas build-up. Why do kitchen Extract Ducts need cleaning? Given that it is practically impossible to keep ductwork clean by ‘capping off’, if you want to operate a clean system, then in reality the only objective choice is to specify cleaning.

Inadequate ventilation can cause stress, contributing to unsafe systems of work and hvc staff turnover.

However, as mentioned above, there is currently no single universal standard for this gvca. In accordance with BS, electrical and mechanical services must be separated and must be water tight.

TR19 Guide to Good Practice.

A component part of that is a certificate to confirm that their Extract including the Duct has been cleaned by a company ‘fit for purpose’.

The most common configuration is the rugby goal post type, ‘H’ shape, where the services entry point is from high level, followed by the football goal post type, inverted ‘U’ shape, where the services entry points are from ground level. A Is this course for you? Splashbacks should be manufactured from folded and braced stainless steel sheet and the structure behind should be of a suitably fire rated material. Want access to British Standards? An absence of adequate control renders the business operator liable to criminal action.

The outside of the canopy is cleaned and sanitised. It’s a recipe for under-cutting at tender stage, and conflict throughout the construction and handover stages What Certificate s do I get for Air Duct Cleans?



From a health and safety aspect, they provide easily cleanable surfaces and easier access hva cooking equipment, minimising collection of dirt and grease between or behind the cooking appliances. Therefore, it is vital we do everything in our power to ensure optimum indoor air quality. Some local authorities no longer permit the use of ceramic tiles to the rear of the cookline as these may crack and provide an area for grease ingress as well as a potential harbour of vermin and bacteria.

What will you learn? On completion of work you will be provided with hvcw following information. Services risers should be provided with adjustable telescopic feet to allow for any discrepancy in floor to ceiling heights or the canopy mounting height as well as uneven floor finish. Establishes a level of particulate cleanliness verification for both new and existing fr19 systems and an indication of when it is considered appropriate to clean systems in use.

One hinged access door with quick release latches should be fitted on the mechanical riser to gain access to the gas shut-off valve for maintenance purposes. Internal cleanliness of ventilation systems. It is more appropriate to specify against ttr19 Post-Clean verification level 0.

If joints are required in the horizontal spines, they should be formed with internal standing seam joints and fitted with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The third, highest level requires cleaning by a specialist contractor after installation. Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Intervals Intervals between regular specialist cleans depend on usage.