This document is a tutorial on the Gmsh mesh generator. It is aimed towards complete beginners; only some ba- sic knowledge of the Linux. This list is for questions and discussions about Gmsh features, resources, bugs, and so forth. Useful links: Gmsh homepage (for documentation, downloads, etc.) . Gmsh is a finite-element mesh generator developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Gmsh website · Official Gmsh Documentation · Gmsh Tutorials by Dolfyn.

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Loops and conditionalsPrevious: Plugin Particles creates one new view containing multi-step vector points. It does so by supersampling the elements and computing the distance between the supersampled points dans their documrntation on the geometry.

Force values on axes otherwise use natural coordinates Default value: Temporary file used by the geometry module Default value: This is redundant, but kept for backward compatibility. Module launched on startup 0: Sprintf is equivalent to the sprintf C function where char-expression is a format string that can contain floating point formatting characters: You will then be asked to select a list of points, and to type e to finish the selection or q to abort it.

Here is the syntax of the geometrical extrusion commands go to Structured gridsto see how these commands can be extended in order to also extrude the mesh:.

Here is a pseudo C code to write elements-binary for triangles with the 2 standard tags the physical and elementary regions:. Y position of light source 2 Default value: The second expression-list is a list physical groups that constitute the computation domain; if empty, the whole mesh is the domain.


Position the axes automatically Default value: Show tooltips in the user interface Default value: Scales all elementary entities in transform-list by a factor expression.

Extrudes a boundary layer from the specified surfaces. Screencasts that show how to use the GUI are available on http: Copy meshing method unstructured or transfinite when duplicating geometrical entities? Just read the next chapter see Running Gmsh on your system to learn how to launch Gmsh on your system, then go experiment with the GUI and the tutorial files see Tutorial provided in the distribution.

Third coefficient in equation for clipping plane 3 Default value: Please contact us directly for more information. You can always request a mail-back of your password when you edit your personal options. Mesh commandsPrevious: Creates a parametrization for curves and surfaces that do not have one i. All element sizes are further constrained by the Mesh.

Plugin CutMesh creates one new GModel. Plugin Distance creates a new distance view and also saves the view in the fileName.

Solver moduleUp: Please report all issues on https: The value of this field is VIn inside the box, VOut outside the box. Creates a cubic BSpline. Should the menu window be detached from the graphic window?

Gmsh Reference Manual

Returns the number of processors on which Gmsh is running. For each meshing step, all structured mesh directives are executed first, and serve as additional constraints for the unstructured parts 1.

To add a new solver in the solver module, you need to specify its name Solver.

Changes the current geometry kernel i. For example, it is often faster to define variables and points directly in the script file, and then use the GUI to define the curves, the surfaces and the volumes interactively. The permits to get the size of a list.


If what you really want is multiple physical copies of the data, just merge the file containing the post-processing view multiple times. Enable light source 3 Default value: Models are created in a bottom-up flow by successively defining points, oriented curves line segments, circles, ellipses, splines, …oriented surfaces plane surfaces, surfaces, triangulated surfaces, … and volumes.

For example, you cannot integrate this version of Gmsh in full or in parts in any closed-source software you plan to distribute commercially or not.

Z coordinate of the center of rotation Default value: The brackets [] permit to extract one item from a documenation parentheses can also be used instead of brackets. To save all mesh element wether or not physical groups are defined, use the Mesh. Algorithm selects the old 0 or new 1 meshing algorithm.

The matrices are specified by 2 integers num-rows and num-columns followed by the values.

GetDP: a General Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems

Gmsh and most codes using the MSH 2 format require at least the first two tags physical and elementary tags. If a char-expression is given instead instead of expression inside the parentheses, a string label is associated with the physical tag, which can be either provided explicitly after the comma or not in which case a unique tag is automatically created. Additional expressions define 3 angle limits. Specular light color Default value: