Heartless hit #11 on the New York Times Mass Market Paperback bestseller list on July 17, , the Gail has a blog post of fashion inspired by Heartless. The home page of author Gail Carriger: comedic, urban fantasy, steampunk, historical, romance, mystery, and more sub-genres than one can shake a parasol at. Good morning, Gentle Reader. Today I thought it might be fun for you to see the range of cover art that my book Heartless got over the course of time and space.

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Heartless (Carriger novel) – Wikipedia

Lanky but muscled, with crystal-clear blue eyes and pale blond hair. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Alexia hobbles t I don’t know what to think about heartlesd book. Also, view spoiler [Alexia gives birth to her daughter Prudence and she is fascinating. There were some things I found a little sad don’t worry; it’s not what you might think!

By this point in the series, I was kind of hoping we would learn more about Alexia’s soulless state, the reason why Floot keeps so conspicuously schtum about Mr.

Heartless : Gail Carriger :

Basically Lyall went from one of my favorite characters to one of my hated ones. While I’m at it, I hate Alexia’s sister too. Carriged finished product appears above! However, to start off I am focusing on the specifics, particularly words and phrases so exact you wonder at the frequency of occurrence that they need a term for it! And Lyall, carrigwr poor Lyall I seemed to be repeating myselfhis backstory brought me to tears.

The story of this book largely centres around Biffy and Alexia who both face their own trails and problems. Feb 02, Katie babs rated it really liked it. Notify me of new comments via email.


Hijinks ensue, including my favorite scene: To make matters worse, her sister Felicity has become a suffragettesomething odd has taken up residence in Lord Akeldama’s second best closet, and London is suffering a plague of zombie porcupines. The Parasol Protectorate is not plot heavy.

Trivia About Heartless Paraso You all know how much I love these books. View all 6 comments. While I realized it is pre-Victorian, I figured slang usually hangs aroudn for a bit, so some might be relevant to my own writing. Overall, it was an excellent read.

De Witt Talmage Since when has Lyall become a coward? If Alexia can’t handle Ivy’s prattling, how in the hell can she deal with Akeldama’s?

Your Infusion of Cute.

I still love the characters and can’t neartless to see how the series ends. I get the feeling that this book was set up more as a filler type novel, but to me you really only get those types of books in series that do not have definite ends, where as the 5th book in this series is supposed to be the final.

The main plot is always the mystery that Alexia is solving at time. Major wow twist of a cliffhanger that has me dying to read the fifth and final book. Can I also say that I love the fact that even though she’s now married, with a baby on the way, Alexia never has to rely on her husband?

It can scarcely be any concern of yours, and carrigre writer may have reasons for keeping back the information.

I am excited to read the next installment of the series Timeless due out in March I expect better of her. The Observations about Heartless by Gail Carriger I only hope that all of this new information will result in Timeless being a humdinger of a wrap-up. Alexia being no nonsense and getting herself heartlfss all sorts of trouble.


Metaphors and similes, while individually witty, are used in such abundance as to grow tiresome. I still can’t decide. My mum, being the eccentric Brit that she is, is prone to referring to them all as poufftees.

Blending steampunk with urban fantasyHeartless is set in an alternate history version of Victorian era Britain where vampires and werewolfs are welcomed as members of society, often in the upper class. There are, of course, some hints, but in most of the books I never come outright and say.

Review: Heartless (Parasol Protectorate #4) by Gail Carriger

I am starting book 5 so all I can hope is that it is amazing and the whole series ends with a bang! Add this book on Goodreads. They are so cute and little and charming. Dare I say that it was more fun to read than a couple of the previous books in the series? It looks like love is in the air for Biffy and Professor Lyall: Instead we got all this information about Biffy. That meant that no woman could be absolutely certain she was pregnant until the fifth month. So are Conall and Alexia, and no one has a problem with them.

Retrieved February 2, Will Alexia be able to figure out who is trying to kill Queen Victoria before it’s too late? Overall this was a wonderful, quick read. The models on Soulless, Changeless, and Blameless looked like they could kick your butt, admonish your improper behavior and have a spot of tea all without missing a beat.

Refresh and try again.