Resolution N. of April 1, , and Resolution N. of May See Consob Resolution (“Delibera”) N. /; at least each 6. National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Commission Directive /14/EC of 8 March laying down detailed. more apparent than in the cabinet’s delibera- tions about Europe’s plans for The announcement of the discount came after Consob, the Italian stock B TMttp +10 45 T9 aSb m 0» M **»• i!2 aS^ISSK M *SK £!.

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The trouble is, it is not the old Dylan, far from it; it is simply not funny enough, not original enough, not wicked enough – and about 10 minutes too long. In contrast, there is no royalty to pay for distributing PC-based games and there are no restrictions on the development of games.

Of tiie two events; -the one at the Reichstag was the more sym- bolic. Almost all have required subsidies from government, corpo- rate sponsors, or other parts of their own business, to cover the full cost of their service. The sale marks the formal end to an era of extravagant Italian c o rp o r ate spending in the late s and early s. The Danish Agricultural Advisory Service is owned by producers and run in a similar way to the co-operatives which dominate farm output in Denmark.

In the government set up the Oil and Minerals Produ- cing Areas Development Com- mission Ompadecwith 3 per cent of the revenue and a free hand to provide infrastructure, jobs, education and better envi- ronmental standards in the area. As part of these changes, John Footman, the h ea d of the Bank’s information division, will be promoted to secretary with effect from September when the present secretary, Geoff Croughton, retires.

Some complain that rescue operations were slow and inadequate in their deilbera because the priority was given to Assisi In Assisi itself shopkeep- ers and hoteliers are also worried. The beneficiary was Jac- ques Santer. It was in that William Green, then head of the Deelibera Federation of Labour, pushed for a five-day working week rather than the prevailingsix days.


The deal with the powerful IG Metall union affects aroundworkers but it is expected to have national implications, with other regions likely to adopt it. The extraordi- nary day session of parlia- ment which begins today was supposed to prepare the ground for a series of impor- tant reforms. Harvard Business School, urged development of new forms of accounting to capture the risks of derivatives by reporting derivatives delibea sures.

In true photo-opportunity style, the chancellor ceremoni- ously laid the first stone of the future chancellery. And when it comes to beer, most of the Interna- tional] brands reflect higher quality as well. The creation of Montell would be one of the biggest of a series of joint ventures and asset sales in the European chemicals industry in the last two years. cconsob

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The involvement in biotech- nology is again something of a Danish speciality. The LDP has a precarious majority, with just seats Jn the influential seat lower house, which leaves Mr Hashimoto highly vulner- able delbiera demands from his own party’s power-brokers, as well as from his two Increasingly hostile allies, the Socialists and New Party Saklgake.

The decision, I am told, has been all but taken. Excellent scope to expand trade with the benefit of Section 68 for function roams, restaurant and BBQ garden at rear. consobb

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First, while Britain cannot join Emu inMr Blair should say it hopes and intends to do so at a specified later date – perhapswhen euro notes and coins are due to go into circulation and when the most risky phase of Emu involving multiple currencies will come to an pnd. It seems as to compromise, and part ably it helps, cost-efficient. Instead of paying for adver- tising. This might suggest a kind of race between a big declining European business and a srriaU but fast-growing overseas one.


Our share of the world market for systems of 1650 kind is about 75 per cent. For further information, please return the coupon. Airlines seeking to shorten the long haul across the Pacific have also run into trouble over a Conson dispute dealing ocnsob restrictions cm air space along their eastern border.

internet-it – Use of corpora in translation studies

France lost at Maastricht inwhen Germany prevailed with its insistence of central bank independence. But in the longer term, its ambitions are in the global business of wines and spirits, not the domestic business of UK beer.

His district once included a part of the Delta, but reapportionment moved this mainly black area into another constituency.

Brent celibera to add another nonexecutive director at some stage. Equally, the government is right in its apparent intention to rule out membership in Janu- ary Gas exports under the Troll sales agreement began last year. At the thna, the value of the paintings alone conob estimated at L5bn. There was at least wide- spread agreement on the centra] dilemma: At the height erf the recession, 3L had used successful businessmen and women with time on their hands as non-executive directors.

There’sno indication afwhetherit’spriBted on recycled paper. Besides being the Danish monopoly producer of beet sugar, Dan- isco paid DKrbn in for its opposite number in Swe- den, making it the fourth big- gest producer in Europe.

Arriving late For yesterday’s meeting of the once all-powerful NEC. Cotn is liming atand is. SCI Roe de Caire. She may draw votes from Mr Mudd. What is true is that the gov- ernment is approaching a moment of decision.