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The mathematical properties of a fourth fundamental passive circuit element were predicted 40 years ago by Leon Chua. Download your Full Reports for Memristor.

Memristor Seminar Report and ppt

A device linking charge and flux themselves defined as time integrals of current and voltagewhich would be the memristor, was still hypothetical at the time. The history of the memristor can be traced back to nearly four decades ago when inLeon Chua, a University of California, Berkeley, engineer predicted that there should be a fourth passive circuit element in addition to the other three known passive elements namely the resistor, the capacitor and the inductor. He called this fourth element a?

Newer Post Older Post. Realization of Four Element Chua? HP already has plans to implement memristors in memristoor new type of non-volatile memory which could eventually replace flash and other memory systems. The arrangement of these few fundamental circuit components form the basis of almost all of the electronic devices we use in our everyday life.


This results in resistance that varies depending memristance device. Now another groundbreaking electronic circuit may be poised for the same kind of success after laying dormant as an compldte curiosity for more than three decades.

Hewlett-Packard Labs is trying to bring the memristor, the fourth passive circuit element after the resistor, and the capacitor the inductor into the electronics mainstream.

The reason that the memristor is radically different from the other fundamental circuit elements is that, unlike them, it carries a memory of its past. Chua also speculates that may be useful in constructing artificial neural networks Generally when most people think about electronics, they may initially think of products such as cell phones, esminar, laptop computers, etc.

Seminar Report on Plastic Roads. Memristor is a special case called “memristive systems”, a class of mathematical models useful for certain empirically observed phenomena, such as the firing of neurons. But the hypothetical device was mostly written off as a mathematical dalliance.

Memristor Seminar Report and ppt

Generally when most people think about electronics, they may initially think of products such as cell phones, radios, laptop computers, etc. He did acknowledge that other scientists had used fixed nonlinear load flow relationships.

This symmetry is derived from the basic description passive circuit elements, as defined by a relationship between two of the four key variables of the circuit, that is, voltage, current, charge and discharge. Stanley Williams announced the discovery of a switching memristor. Dubbed the Memristorit was not until that such complehe device was discovered by a team working at HP Labs.

Pawan Janorkar 01 July When you turn off the voltage to the circuit, the memristor still remembers how much was applied before and for how long. That’s an semjnar that can’t be duplicated by any circuit combination of resistors, capacitors, and inductors, which is why the memristor qualifies as a fundamental circuit element.


Chua strongly believed that a fourth device existed to provide conceptual symmetry with the resistor, inductor, and capacitor. Such basic components are fairly limited in number and each having their own characteristic function. Plastic Roads Disposal of waste plastic is a major problem.

Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students.

Such a device, he figured, would provide oj similar relationship between magnetic flux and charge that a resistor gives between voltage and current.

Postulated inthe? Stanley Williams would announce the discovery of a switching memristor. This symmetry follows from the description of basic passive circuit elements as defined by a relation between two of the four fundamental circuit variables.

Such basic components are fairly limited in number and each having their own characteristic function. Click To Add Comments. However, it took more than eeport decades for the memristor to be discovered and come to life.

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