Although surgery for the treatment of hallux valgus is frequently performed, the Además evaluar la variabilidad intra-observador en la clasificación de estas . Hallux rigidus is a degenerative and progressive disease of the metatarsal phalangeal joint of the hallux, with its main symptoms being pain and loss of joint . el hallux valgus y es la artrosis más frecuente del pie y tobi- Existen múltiples clasificaciones descritas (Regnauld, . Clasificación de Coughlin y Shurnas.

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Hallux valgus angle and intermetatarsal angle were significantly larger in the plate group at the last follow-up. Paleopathological study of hallux valgus. In a hallux valgus deformity, the problem is deviation of the hallux at the metatarsophalangeal joint and of the first metatarsal at the tarsometatarsal joint.

The grading of hallux valgus. The Manchester Scale.

We compared the duration of surgery, the length of hospital stay, the Valgks Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society AOFAS score, and the Foot and Ankle Outcome Score FAOS in 36 patients who underwent a minimal incision subcapital osteotomy of the first metatarsal with 36 matched patients who had hallux valgus corrected by a scarf technique.

The principal cause is halllux, specifically the habitual use of footwear which constricts the toes. Follow-up data on our patient cohort show good or excellent long-term clinical results with the modified angle technique.

The mean hallux abductus angle decreased from Each participant was evaluated for AOFAS score, pain, range of motion, cosmetic and radiological outcome. Forty-two patients 52 feet who consecutively underwent chevron osteotomy combined with lateral release and adductor tenotomy were reviewed months after surgery.


Osteotomy of the first metatarsal bone. Moreover, evaluation of the patient’s point of claslficacion has mostly been conducted by means of more physician-based outcome measures.

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Later, the capsular remnant was resected and repaired. In Group A, 45 patients 74 feet underwent a chevron osteotomy with lateral soft tissue release. Excessive deviation of the distal phalanx in abduction frequently occurs in advanced stages of hallux rigidus but not in hallux valgus. We found that those people who had undergone the Akin procedure tended to have a larger hallux abduction angle and a more laterally deviated tibial sesamoid position preoperatively.


A total of 84 patients were included in the present study and were treated from to ; 42 patients were in each group. In addition, in order to get a better physical insight and study the mechanical stresses along the two osteotomies, Finite Element Analysis FEA was also conducted. No patients were lost to follow-up. Many female patients will additionally attempt to return to high-heeled, narrow toe box shoes.

Patients with an undercorrection of their hallux valgus The purpose of this article was to analyze the long-term radiologic results after distal chevron osteotomy for hallux valgus treatment and to determine the preoperative radiographic factors correlating with radiological recurrence of the deformity.

Preventing postoperative metatarsalgia is hallx for a successful outcome after HV surgery. Use of the iPhone for radiographic evaluation of hallux valgus. Wound dressing to assure the position of the great toe. To date no quantitative data regarding the relationship between abnormal foot mechanics and the degree of hallux abducto valgus has clasjficacion presented. It stands to reason then that familiarity and skill level of trainee surgeons might impact surgical outcomes in this surgery.


There was more improvement in the range of movement in patients who had fixation of the osteotomy of the proximal phalanx. Post-operative intermetatarsal angle IMA was significantly lower in the modified valgjs group 5. The difference between computerized measurements and all iPhone measurements, and the difference between the first and second iPhone measurements for each observer were calculated.

hallux valgus por: Topics by

Secondary outcome measures were the results from the radiographs and subjective and clinical evaluation. All of the patients underwent one of the three procedures chevron, scarf or McBride. Preparing the tendon of the Musculus abductor hallucis.

First metatarsal length change after basilar closing wedge osteotomy for hallux valgus. Significant correlation was noted between intermetatarsal angle and lateral sesamoid position Rho 0.

The grading of hallux valgus. The Manchester Scale.

Eighty-six percent of patients were able to return to comfortable footwear post-operatively with minimal discomfort. From toconsecutive patients with symptomatic hallux valgus and 48 patients with hallux rigidus without severe metatarsophalangeal joint degeneration underwent such modified chevron osteotomy. All patients were assessed with phlebography at a mean of twenty-nine days postoperatively. Associations were assessed using linear and logistic regression analyses.

A total of consecutive female patients feet were included in a prospective randomised controlled study.