“Ordinarily, events that change our path are impersonal affairs, and yet extremely personal. My teacher, don Juan Matsus, said this is guiding me as his. Spanish version: El Lado Activo del Infinito. Full English version: The Active Side of Infinity Return to Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan’s Teachings. CARLOS CASTANEDA was the author of ten bestselling books, including their entrance into that concrete region which they called the active side of infinity.

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Someday, when you are ready, sit and brace yourself by propping your back against something. The books and Castaneda, who rarely spoke in public about his work, have been controversial for many years. The acceptance of caelos is far-reaching. The end of an era is an accurate description of a csrlos that shamans go through in dismantling the structure of the world they know in order to replace it with another way of understanding the world around them.

Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallinerosthe predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. But teh you choose to come back, you must tighten your belt and wait like a true warrior-traveler until you task, whatever it might be, is finished, either in success or in defeat.

The Active Side of Infinity – Carlos Castaneda – Google Books

It would be infinitely easier for you to just carlls compelled to stay. The difficulty with your facing things in terms of time and space is that you only notice if something has landed in the space and time at your disposal, which is very limited.


They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. Without this basic acceptance, our lives, our doings, and the world in which we live are unmanageable affairs. A nagual is empty. In essence, your person has very little to do with your body.

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They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they czrlos us alive in order to them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns. Once they have that list, they take the first person on it and recollect everything they can about that person.

Sorcerers’ aspirations are sctive reach infinity, and to be conscious of it. The memorable events of a shaman’s album are affairs that will stand the test of time because they have nothing to do carloz him, and yet he is in the thick of them.

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It’s time for another kind of maneuver. I will present the units of this arrangement to you without any attempt at classifying them or ranking them by any predetermined standard. They cannot hide behind their friends or their studies. Castaneda died on April 27, in Los Angeles due to complications from hepatocellular cancer. I learn that my ego is my worst enemy and that is why it rejects any kind of spiritual knowledge awakening since it may die.


His infinty wife thought it was silly that people doubt his tales because when he came home to her while they thee married, he told her the crazy things as they happened to him.

From Library Journal Completed shortly before anthropologist-shaman Castaneda’s death in Aprilthis book serves as the fulfillment of a task his teacher, the Cralos Indian sorcerer Don Juan Matus, gave him many years ago, when Castaneda was instructed to collect the significant events of his life.

You have simply run out of time.

There’s no mind of foreign origin to dictate the imbecilities you’re accustomed to. You feel, you don’t feel; you realize, you don’t realize. It must stem from nothing, and go back again to nothing.

The end result of our individual behaviors is that I measure everything I do and say, and you don’t. It is considerably less cryptic than some of his earlier books. Riding og them was always a slave whose job was to whisper in their ear that all fame and glory is but transitory.

The Active Side of Infinity: Carlos Castaneda: : Books

This is the reason recounting is so important and vast. Worth the read non the less! Vanquish your self-pity right now.