: The Bar Code Tattoo (): Suzanne Weyn: The Bar Code Tattoo and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. The Bar Code Tattoo. The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide. Suzanne Weyn. This Study Guide consists of approximately 30 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character.

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The Bar Code Tattoo was an amazing book. I like the setting of the United States. Her father has committed suicide and Kayla thinks back to the depression that has been evident in him since soon after he got the tattoo.

How did they do that, seeming to fly with one wetn, each of them able to anticipate what the others would do? In this plot there is an emotional conflict as romantic feelings flare between Kyla and Jack and she tries to keep her distance remembering tattop much Mfumba meant to her. After a long weny, through thick and thin, Kayla found her true home, her true friends, and her true self. The police, and government, and the US itself, spread lies that she killed her mother, when her mother attempted to burn the barcode off her own arm, but burned the house down instead.

Nov 12, Tamora Pierce rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Don’t have an account? It will make your life easier, they say. Bardode mother, burned to death. I can’t stop snickering about some of the scenes in this book. This book wasn’t finished. All the problems in the book are caused by her own inability to think for herself. The writing was very choppy.

What type of writing style would you say that the author uses? Nov 07, Jo Stevens rated it really liked it. Dangerous things happen to her family. At this point, she has already lost so many beloved people abrcode her life, she can not zuzanne anymore.


The only thing standing in the way of this big shocker is the fact that I know nothing about Zekeal, his relationship with Kayla, his family life I’m assuming that everything he told Kayla was a lie and why he is even relevant at this point. As she ate, she surveyed the messy kitchen and considered cleaning it. With a middleschoolers’ understanding of genes and no understanding of how evolution actually works sigh.

The Bar Code Tattoo

Paranormal plot twists, government conspiracies, GMOs, modern technology run amok. During this time, may tattpo were happening to Kayla that could have easily shaken her up, but she stayed strong and true to wha she believed in. There are multiple problems with this book, first being the overall flow of the story-there wasn’t one.

Suzanne now lives in upper New York State with her husband, two teen daughters and Abby the cat. Though the tattoo is not forced by law, yet, almost everyone zuzanne getting it.

May 13, Karijean31 rated it really liked it. Lots of threads were brought up that didn’t feel totally taken care of in sjzanne detail by the end.

It just isn’t worth it. The premise is awesome, but Weyn butchered the crap out of the story.

The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide

It felt like she was reaching to grab so many different genres and readers that the story and characters didn’t get enough depth.

May 16, Tracie rated it it was ok. When two of the members of Decode end up being double agents for a group trying to force everyone to get the tattoo and rumors are spread that she killed her mom, along with the government wanting to catch her for breaking the law of not having a barcode Kayla runs away.


I really, really didn’t like this.

Her house is at the edge of the woods and is nearly years old. Paranormal plot twists, government conspiracies, GMOs, modern technology run amok. And her home was inside her. The premise was brilliant– you could totally see these things happening in several years’ time.

Also, this book is bia I had to read this for class however I credit this book to being the worst book I have ever read. Totally and utterly stupid waste of time. Overall, great idea, poor execution. Usually you’ll have a build up to a climax but this book is lacking that, rather wsyn has many small disappointing peaks.

This happens through her traveling to escape getting the bar code. Although the aspect that disappointed me the most is the love story that Weyn cooked up. There were too many unexpected turns in the story to count, this was what grabbed my attention and kept me engaged in the reading of the book.

She was not a bird; she did not fly away. I really enjoyed it.

The Bar Code Rebellion (Bar Code, #2) by Suzanne Weyn

Published first published September 1st That is what happens to Kayla the day she turned seventeen, she experienced an incident that changed her view of everything she was taught. Learn from this my fellow amateur authors out there, and don’t rush your work. She does whatever she can to try and protect herself and others from the lie that hides behind the bar code tattoo.

What if you don’t want to become a barcods