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Specifies general requirements for cranes as defined in AS Includes the design of cranes by the traditional working stress method and. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Part 1: General requirements. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS . Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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The maximum value of M Au from one of the following equations shall apply: The required IP rating of equipment may be greater than minimum necessary arising from environmental conditions alone.

Standards New Zealand :: Cranes (including hoists and winches) – Vehicle hoists

Where the controlling element can be moved off from its operating position, it shall be capable of being reached in a retracted position from ground or floor level. Each cordless control system shall have a unique address code.

Where proof of fatigue strength is found to 141.1 necessary, it shall be carried out in accordance with the principles set down in Clauses 7.

For buffers with other characteristics, other values justified by calculation or by test shall be used see Figure 4. Irrespective of the design technique or survival probability, the component strength has to be greater than that prescribed by its static capacity. In environmentally sensitive locations, biodegradable hydraulic fluids should be considered. The actual deflection shall not affect the function of the crane.

Where dynamic analysis cannot be carried out due to unavailable data, then the loadings specified in Clause 7. Such circumstances involve considerations of practicability where backup, redundancy, duplication, and the like, would not be possible.


Standards Catalogue

Preference should be given to filters offering a visible indication of their operational condition. The control cabin should 14181. kept at positive air pressure of not less than 50 Pa above the outside air pressure.

Where required, the magnet frame shall be solidly bonded to the crab ax the earth connection via the magnet lead, the magnet coupling, the magnet cable, and an extra slip-ring contact on the magnet cable drum. Unless the section isolator is adjacent to the main isolator, ws location of the main isolator shall be clearly indicated near the section isolator. The minimum driven wheel loads of the unladen crane shall be used to calculate the maximum traction forces.

Regulatory and legal authorities look to Standards as a framework on which regulations, directives and other legislation can be based.

Glare from external, natural or artificial lighting sources shall be prevented by provision of ax placed visors on or in the cabin or by the use of tinted glass see Clause These devices shall be selected in accordance with methodology defined in AS We need your help! In these circumstances, the probability of failure could be minimized by design, quality control and concentrated routine inspection and test.

The load spectrum factor for the crane Kp is given by the following equation: Items a and b shall be of sufficient size to be legible from the working area below the crane to which it is attached, and the other items being marked legibly on a plate or plates permanently fixed to the attachment. These may either be obtained by calculation or selected from Tables 7.


In this respect the points that shall be considered include the following: L5 2 where the drum-shell material has its tensile strength significantly different from its compressive strength: Where cordless controlled cranes operate on a common runway, anti-collision protection shall be provided. Email address subscribed successfully.

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Special vision panels, where provided, shall be suitably guarded, for example, where situated at floor level. An example is anti-condensation heating of motors. L5 1 Resultant equivalent stress due to local bending beam action and to local crushing f eq: Hydraulic and pneumatic systems Thimbles for wire rope Structural ad hollow section Conditions of use that can lead to an incorrect phase sequence include— a a hoisting machine transferred from one supply to another; az a mobile crane with a facility for connection to an external power supply; c emergency supply to a hoisting machine; or d auxiliary power supply when carrying out repairs or maintenance to a hoisting machine.

In such circumstances, the rope shall not be damaged. High-strength fasteners shall be correctly torqued.